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Commercial litigation


Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation practice

We are familiar with claims arising from breach of a director’s fiduciary duties owed to a company, shareholders’ remedies, matters involving fraud and manipulation of company financials and its documentation.

With a good working knowledge on banking and securities matters, we are also able to advise effectively on remedies available to recover company assets, be it relating to banking or securities matters.

We have experience in handling matters involving wrongful manipulation of documents, forensic assessment of assets in excess of S$50 million located in Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, China and the British Virgin Islands, including deploying various civil remedies such as Injunctions, committal orders, restraining order, and various enforcement proceedings to preserve these assets pending litigation and resolution of disputes.

We give practical and effective advice on matters involving corporate issues, legal remedies available to a minority shareholders of a company, what a director or officer of a company and business can or cannot do in a company, taking into account the business needs of the company and that individual.

With our contacts and close dealings with the top-tier and middle-tier accounting firms to assist in tax and accounting issues that may arise, our legal expertise in this area is extremely comprehensive, especially in the area of recovery work.

Our work generally entails a sharp forensic analysis of the documents and legal issues with a thorough knowledge of the rights and remedies available under the Companies Act.

With experience in both corporate and litigation matters, we uniquely cater for an extensive coverage on all corporate and litigation issues in our agreements.

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